Freelance Writing Rates are always Debatable

Freelance writing ratesFreelance writing rates varies a lot depending on the quality of writing. If you are one of those guys that enjoy writing, freelance writing is one of the best and most reliable ways of earning a living. In case you are a starter in the world of independent online writers, then I would not be surprised for you not knowing what freelance writing rates are all about. Please don’t worry about this. Even those that call themselves expert freelance writers started from scratch and most of them were earning pennies before they came to learn how the game is played.

Calculate Freelance writing rates

Just like other industries out there, freelance writing rates tend to vary enormously and will be determined by a wide range of factors. The pay rate ranges from 20 cents per 100 words to even $10 per 100 words of an article. The most critical factors are the nature of subject you are involved in and your clients. It is not a wonder to find that you are writing so much but getting paid some very little money. On the other hand, you can write little and earn more. There are also other freelancer writers that start with low freelance writing rates but they get increments as they become more and more experienced in the trade. Regardless of which category you fall in, the most important question to ask yourself is whether you are getting the best freelance writing rates for your work.

Understand this

Before you start wondering whether you are getting value for the work you do or not, you need to understand that if you are new to the world of writing, you might not be paid as much as you would want. Ultimately, if you are experienced, you have higher chances of getting better freelance writing rates. If they are not offering you good price, it is high time you demand for them. Anyway, please don’t strike but just know that you deserve more. Just like highlighted above, you need to understand these factors that can determine you’re your freelance writing rates and then try to position yourself well in order to get better pay. For instance, if you have a feeling that your client will never increase your pay even if you worked for him for one century, why don’t you consider hunting for new clients as early as now? You never know as you might get one offering even double of what you are earning.
Also, you must know that the website that you work for will determine your freelance writing rates in a bigger way. You should consider joining websites that specializes in providing thousands of writing jobs from businesses and individuals that have work to be done. Also, search for freelance writing tips and websites that offer advice on how to become a better freelancer writer.

Can freelance writing rates be compromised?

I don’t think you should compromise on your freelance writing rates. As long as there is a high demand for skilled writers, freelance writers should not get compromised for a cheaper rate. Today the world has become much smaller and you can hire and work with writers from around the globe. The demand for writers will be never ending as people are constantly looking for quality material online. The freelance writing rates varies depending on the quality and subject of writing material. Excellent language proficiency, creative documenting skills and timely submission of completed articles are the keys to become a successful freelance writer. Your readers will not only expect grammatically correct articles but also a well researched interesting substance. When you have all the skills above and is confident enough to conquer the World with your writing, you can go for a high margin of freelance writing rates.

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